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Maps for Navitel Navigator 11.8

The list of registered maps is available in the Private area: My Devices (updates) Available updates, or from the program menu → Maps (internet access is required). Please note that the map package is unique for every particular device.

In order to use a map that is not present in the list, you should purchase a key of this particular map or a map package that includes this map. See instruction.

If you are using the trial version of the program, any of the maps below are available for installation. After the trial period is over, you can use only those maps that you have purchased license keys to.

Details about trial period activation.
Read the instruction on how to purchase maps.


File icon Argentina, 375.7 MB
File icon Brazil, 2.12 GB
File icon Colombia, 209 MB
File icon Mexico, 386 MB
File icon Peru, 77.3 MB


File icon Azerbaijan, 17.8 MB
File icon Armenia, 8.4 MB
File icon Vietnam, 292.7 MB
File icon Georgia, 16.8 MB
File icon India, 1.6 GB
File icon Iran, 53 MB
File icon Kazakhstan, 68.5 MB
File icon Kyrgyzstan, 4.6 MB
File icon Maldives, 1.1 MB
File icon Mongolia, 41.4 MB
File icon Pakistan, 106.6 MB
File icon Tajikistan, 2.8 MB
File icon Turkey, 890.8 MB
File icon Uzbekistan, 12.7 MB
File icon Philippines, 27.9 MB


File icon Austria, 121.2 MB
File icon Albania, 8.9 MB
File icon Belgium, Luxembourg, 90.2 MB
File icon Bulgaria, 47 MB
File icon Bosnia and Herzegovina, 34.7 MB
File icon United Kingdom, Isle of Man, 439.3 MB
File icon Hungary, 70.7 MB
File icon Germany, 1.532 GB
File icon Greece, 162 MB
File icon Denmark, 84.4 MB
File icon Iceland, 8.3 MB
File icon Spain, Gibraltar, Andorra, 583.6 MB
File icon Italy, Malta, San Marino, Vatican, 662.8 MB
File icon Cyprus, 10.1 MB
File icon Latvia, 43.9 MB
File icon Lithuania, 38.7 MB
File icon Macedonia, 9.7 MB
File icon Moldova, 16.2 MB
File icon Netherlands, 146.7 MB
File icon Norway, 143.3 MB
File icon Poland, 457.7 MB
File icon Portugal, 150 MB
File icon Romania, 57.9 MB
File icon Serbia, 33.4 MB
File icon Slovakia, 50.8 MB
File icon Slovenia, 43 MB
File icon Ukraine, 270.6 MB
File icon Finland, 166.5 MB
File icon France, Monaco, 1.587 GB
File icon Croatia, 47.2 MB
File icon Montenegro, 8.4 MB
File icon Czech Republic, 209.6 MB
File icon Switzerland, Liechtenstein, 105.7 MB
File icon Sweden, 207.6 MB
File icon Estonia, 49.8 MB

Overview world map

File icon Overview world map, 17.2 MB