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A new compact DVR with Quad HD recording capabilities is now available for purchase. The device features a photosensitive CMOS matrix, a configurable G-sensor and a Wi-Fi module for easier operation.


NAVITEL R67 2K is a compact dash cam, which boasts modest dimensions of 85x45x49.5 mm, and a 3M-tape mount that allows it to be easily placed on the windshield of any car. The brand-new device is equipped with a 160x80 pixel TFT info display that indicates if recording process, microphone, Wi-Fi, or memory card are active. When it comes to buttons, only manual power switch can be found on the device’s surface.

All other controls are located in NAVITEL DVR Center app, which can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices. Its functionality includes viewing and saving video files on a smartphone or tablet, resolution management, as well as microphone, G-sensor and firmware update controls.

Similarly to the freshly released NAVITEL R480 2K, the R67 2K is equipped with SONY IMX335 sensor. It provides high-res shooting in Quad HD (2560x1440 pixels) and great visibility in dark conditions. The latter feature is made possible thanks to the photosensitive STARVIS CMOS matrix that is also widely used in industrial CCTV systems. NAVITEL R67 2K is also equipped with 140° FOV optics that provides the video records not only before the car, but also the roadside and pavement.

The DVR supports class U3 (and above) microSD cards with 8-128 GB of total storage. NAVITEL R67 2K supports cyclic video recording and automatically removes older unprotected files to free up space for new ones. Generation of protected video files can be triggered by the G-sensor and are not subject to overwriting. These files can only be deleted from the dash cam manually using the NAVITEL DVR Center.

G-sensor response can be adjusted in accordance with driving style of each owner from DVR Center app to avoid false alarms in shaky conditions, i.e. on rough roads or terrains. In addition, NAVITEL R67 2K boasts a Parking mode, which allows it to capture emergency situations with driver not in the cabin and device turned off*.

NAVITEL R67 2K operates from vehicle’s on-board power grid via a USB-C car charger that comes with DVR. A gift voucher for NAVITEL Navigator with one-year access to maps of more than 45 countries around the globe is also included in the bundle**.

* Please note that Parking mode will be available only when a constant power supply is provided via a device that eliminates excessive battery discharge — NAVITEL SMART BOX MAX.

** Only works with Android devices.