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NAVITEL® announces the start of sales of a new model of a two-channel Full HD video recorder – NAVITEL R9 DUAL. The dashcam is part of company's popular line of devices equipped with a Wi-Fi, as well as GPS module that supports the functions of a digital speedometer and a GPS informer.


Compact and easy to use, the dashcam will become your main assistant on the road and parking. The R9 DUAL records high quality video in Full HD quality at 30 frames per second. The 170° glass lens captures a wide area of the road ahead of the vehicle, including adjacent lanes and the shoulder. The device also includes an internal Full HD rearview camera with a viewing angle of 136 ° with a parking assistance function. The parking mode is activated automatically when changing into reverse gear (if connected accordingly). The camera captures and transmits to the DVR screen everything that happens behind the car, and also facilitates parking by helping to determine the permissible distance to an obstacle using parking lines superimposed on the image.

The increased capacity of the 500 mAh battery allows the dashcam to work offline for some time: if, while in the off state in parking mode, the built-in G-sensor detects an impact or collision, the DVR will automatically turn on and start recording. The recording file will be protected, and the clip will not be deleted from the memory card during a loop overwrite. Also, all videos made during emergency or emergency situations on the road will be protected from overwriting.

The NAVITEL R9 DUAL GPS informer provides access to databases of more than 60 types of speed cameras, mobile cameras and dummies, dedicated public transport lanes and potentially “dangerous” places*, as well as services that can be useful on the way.

Using the high-tech built-in Wi-Fi module and the Navitel DVR Center mobile application, the DVR can be controlled remotely. A convenient interface of the mobile application will help you quickly synchronize with the DVR in order to update the firmware or configure device parameters suitable for the user: shock sensor sensitivity, recording cycle duration, sound adjustment, etc. The application also allows you to view photos and videos taken on R9 DUAL and save them on your smartphone. The application is available for download on IOS and Android systems.

The Navitel DVR Player for PC** provides users with advanced options for working with video files from the recorder: playing video on a computer screen, exporting and viewing trip tracks, the ability to save fragments of recordings, and much more.

* Speed camera alerts are not available in countries where their use is prohibited by local law.

** The program is available for Windows PC.